Thursday, 1 December 2011

7 finest German computer games of the year

The real time technique game "Anno 2205" and the awesome VR climbing simulation "The Climb" are among the winners of the German Computer Games Award 2016. Here are 7 impressive video games - for all kinds of players.


The German Computer Games Award has actually been created in 2009. Every year, a jury including game designers, players, reporters, scientists and politicians select the best games in different classifications. Here are 7 winning titles:



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It's actually easy to play the best PC online games on an old computer

I generally play PC video games on my pc gaming desktop, which is hooked up to my TV in the living room. That's not perfect when someone else wants to watch rust cheats.


So to keep playing while others watch TELEVISION, I set up my gaming desktop to stream games to my under-powered six-year-old Acer laptop computer over WiFi, and it was incredibly easy, and free! This technique is developed to work with games on Valve's Steam platform, which is the most popular program for getting PC online games.


If you have Steam, here's ways to stream games from your primary computer to almost any other PC linked to the very same WiFi network.


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Stimulate Academy: Camp assists kids unlock code behind computer games

Simply because it's Spring Break does not imply kids have to put their minds into neutral. Students in grades 4th through 8th graders filled the LCC Downtown computer lab for the very first "Spark Academy" today.


"If you want to get imaginative or have any control ultimately about exactly what you see on a computer, on a phone, or in an online game, then the supreme tool of control is the code," said Robin Nelson, LCC computer science teacher.


"Mathematics is simply naturally part of code, as is logic, so we wind up learning that along the way. We don't learn mathematics for mathematics' sake; we learn mathematics to be able to do something cool with code."